Alpine Coconut Yoghurt

Alpine Coconut Milk Yoghurt is a great alternative to standard yoghurts on the market. Our product is 100% dairy free, making it suitable for vegans and those with health conditions related to dairy products. Our coconut yoghurt is fully cultured which gives a consisten tangy taste and a creamy texture. It is available nationally in a convenient 500g resealable tub.

It is available in both natural and passionfruit flavours.

Alpine Thickened Coconut Cream

It tastes AMAZING, it's super thick, and at 16% it has less than half the fat of dairy alternatives!
It's 100% dairy free, suitable for vegans and ready to use. If you're really keen you can eat it straight from the tub, but you might not be able to stop!

Available at Woolworths Australia wide in 300g resealable tubs.

Alpine Goat Yoghurt

Alpine goat yoghurts are 100% full cream goat milk and come in a range of flavours in a 500g tub. Our probiotic yoghurt is carefully cultured using fresh milk, the best fruit ingredients and all natural products to give a smooth, rich texture and creamy flavour.

Alpine yogurt comes 3 delicious award winning varieties, Natural, Strawberry and Wildberry.