Alpine Coconut Yoghurt

Alpine Coconut Milk Yoghurt is a great alternative to standard yoghurts on the market. Our product is 100% dairy free, making it suitable for vegans and those with health conditions related to dairy products. Our coconut yoghurt is fully cultured which gives a consisten tangy taste and a creamy texture. It is available nationally in a convenient 500g resealable tub.

It is available in both natural and passionfruit flavours.

Alpine Goat Yoghurt

Alpine goat yoghurts are 100% full cream goat milk and come in a range of flavours in a 500g tub. Our probiotic yoghurt is carefully cultured using fresh milk, the best fruit ingredients and all natural products to give a smooth, rich texture and creamy flavour.

Alpine yogurt comes 3 delicious award winning varieties, Natural, Strawberry and Wildberry.